Effective Trusts Fundraising

  ~ £1,800        Fundraising & Marketing       Sean Tully       Nottingham      FM24

Sean will provide a one day ‘critical friend’ review of your current case for support and/or 2-3 recent applications, with constructive feedback, plus two days research into potential Trust funders for a specific project, or for the general needs of you organisation.

The project will provide very focussed and targeted support for your Trusts fundraising. The main focus will be a critical and constructive review of your past/current Trusts activity and approach, highlighting strengths and potential areas of improvement, and identifying any areas of weakness, with action points to address these.    

It will also provide research into potential funding opportunities an area of work, or your organisation on the whole (to be agreed). This will result in a report that delivers key funder information, contact details, deadlines, potential grant size, and fit to your work.

Sean Tully


Almost 20 years’ experience spanning Trusts fundraising and Grant-making, strategic planning, governance and consultancy.

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Sean Tully