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Brand messaging development including initial review, facilitation of one day workshop and development of messaging framework. Perfect for charities looking to create cut-through with clear compelling messaging.

In today’s networked society and a competitive marketplace, one of the most important things that you can do for your organisation is to take steps to ensure the consistency and clarity of your brand communication.    

A brand is so much more than your logo - it is about the DNA of your organisation and encapsulates your values, driving beliefs, passions and ethos. Your messaging is what helps you communicate those values and your worldview in a way that is meaningful and engages your audience.

Defining your brand messages is one of the most important things you can do to help raise awareness, engagement and trust in your organisation, maximizing the impact of any marketing investment.

Each client’s needs and culture are unique, so we start from where you are and develop a bespoke process that works for you, but this is likely to include:    

  • Review of current communications messaging
  • Facilitation of a collaborative workshop to create a set of clearly articulated brand messages (max 20 staff).    

The exact content and focus of the workshop will build on existing brand elements and is likely to cover:

  • Key audiences
  • Elevator pitch
  • Key messaging
  • Personality and tone.At the end of the process you will receive a messaging framework which you can use across your organisation to help drive consistent and compelling brand communications.

Kate Nicholas

Olney, Buckinghamshire

Third sector strategy, brand and communications consultant. Former World Vision global comms chief and editor-in-chief, PRWeek. 

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Kate Nicholas