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Bob will give you a two-day shakedown of everything you're publishing about your organisation on social media. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram, both organic and paid, he will show you where you might be going wrong and what you might be missing out on.

Loads of organisations are missing out on possible big wins across social media simply because they don't get it. They're just cutting and pasting whatever's in their leaflet, sticking that on Facebook, then boosting that post and getting nothing back for their money.

Having worked in social media since it began (remember forums!?), I've pretty much seen the same crimes against content play out again and again and again. Getting the right message across on the right platform at the right time to the right people right sounds pretty simple in principle, but it can be scarily mystifying when it comes to making it work.

How many times have you tweeted something super important and it's just got lost amid all the noise? Are you flustering about which filter to use on your latest Insta shot only for it to get 3 likes from your colleagues? And are you still only looking at LinkedIn every Monday morning for a new job?

I'll go through all your content and look at how you're presenting yourself across social media. I'll look at your paid and organic activity and help you understand what you probably should be doing more of and what you definitely need to be doing less of.

Then we might even talk about TikTok...

Bob Fear

Week St Mary, Cornwall

I’ve provided content & social media consultancy to Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver & most recently to the Eden Project.

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Bob Fear