Crisis advice and support

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Experiencing a crisis? With extensive experience in resolving tough situations, Felicia will support you to address the situation effectively. This will include two days onsite to develop a clear understanding of the situation, and a meeting to discuss recommendations.

With extensive experience in assessing and resolving charity crises, Felicia will support you to understand and address the situation effectively. This project includes the following elements. Felicia will: spend two days onsite with your staff, Board and other relevant stakeholders conducting semi-structured interviews and focus groups (if necessary) to review the situation and understand the crisis; prepare a summary document setting out her views on the crisis and the recommendations for resolving the problems identified; and attend a Board or senior management meeting (as appropriate) to present her findings and discuss them in greater detail. 

Felicia Willow

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

An experienced and effective charity CEO, strategic planner and governance expert, Felicia enables transformational success. 

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