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6 sessions: It starts with the client setting the scene; Carl works with you to help you to establish your goal, reflect on your current reality, consider your available options and formulate a tangible plan for moving forward.

Carl usually offers a series of 6 sessions, to enable sufficient time for the client to fully explore the situation which s/he wishes to share. It is understood that a client may not require as many as 6 sessions, or indeed may like more sessions beyond the 6; and Carl is always flexible.    

A session starts with the client setting the scene, and moving through the session Carl works with the client to enable them to establish their goal, reflect on their current reality, consider their available options and formulate a tangible plan moving forward. Without being prescriptive, this GROW Model (J.Whitmore) provides an often useful framework to ensure the client gets the most out of their session.    

Carl is person focused and client led, and whilst employing a variety of tools, depending on each unique situation- Carl usually starts by taking an approach similar to the “Time to think” approach (Nancy Klein), enabling the client to reflect as fully as possible without interruption, before then considering how to approach the situation(s) that has been shared.    

Above all, Carl places emphasis on active listening, as he then enables the client to effectively reflect, and come to their own conclusions, which Carl is then able to talk to the client about, and support the client as their conclusions form the basis of a plan, or further reflection.

Carl Knightly


A senior leader who has coached clients at Bloomberg LP, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Kia Motors and more.

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Carl Knightly