Governance Review

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Governance review mapped against the Charity Governance Code, including Digi-Board online survey of Trustees and senior management team, comprehensive feedback on strengths and weaknesses, best practice options for implementation and facilitation of workshop to plan how to address the findings.

A governance review is an opportunity to reflect on a charity's governance arrangements. It is good practice to carry out some form of review regularly, at least every two to three years and especially after a period of change, for example. A governance review can cover a number of different areas. It might look at the effectiveness of the board’s work – for example, its meetings, approach to recruitment of trustees or trustee induction programme. It might also review the charity’s formal governance arrangements – for example, the size of the board, election methods or sub-committee structures. The review will take views of board members to inform the process, using an online survey and telephone interviews, to make recommendations for an action plan to take the charity forward.

Claire Cardy

Faversham, Kent

An experienced charity CEO, with a track record of success, now working as a consultant focusing on governance and strategy.

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Claire Cardy