Income Generation Workshop

  NOW £1,400 WAS £2,000       Fundraising & Marketing       Karen Morton      Streatley, Berkshire       FM19

Workshop for boards and/or senior staff teams to identify and prioritise options to increase income. Drawing on existing skills and activities, the workshop will cover grants, tenders, corporate/individual giving, maximising relationships. Ideal for smaller organisations.

A bespoke workshop for organisations looking to review their funding options and develop a strategic approach to increasing income. Depending on the needs of the organisation the workshop will combine a facilitative approach to draw out current skills, knowledge and activities (e.g. existing relationships with business) with input on fundraising know-how.

This can be particularly useful for smaller organisations facing significant changes in funding, such as those impacted by shift from public sector grants to commissioning. Suggested participants generally include board members, senior, finance, communications and admin staff, or those who hold those responsibilities. Outcomes will be the start of an income strategy, plus shared understanding of priorities, options and needs going forward.

Karen Morton

Streatley, Berkshire

Background in charity management and activism; 14 years VCS consultant working particularly to support smaller organisations.

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Karen Morton