Leadership and Management

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A one day training course on effective leadership and management - how people in these roles really add value to their organisation?

“All managers are involved in motion, very few move forwards.”

This course helps managers re-assess their role and  focus It will enable them to develop their leadership skills and improve staff morale and productivity. It will improve personal management effectiveness  and help managers focus on what’s important

Pre-reading is provided. Follow-up homework is provided to improve leadership, delegation and time management.   

The course starts with an emphasis on individuals and how they can be more effective. We examine how to free up time and how to be an effective leader.  A simple tool is used which clarifies the essential management processes. This enable delegates to evaluate past projects and how they could be improved. The same tool is then used to provide a parameter to help improve future work. With a firm foundation in their own practice, delegates gain an insight into how they can develop more effective and successful organisations.

Content includes:

  • Understanding the difference between management and leadership
  • Building a ladder of trust
  • Focussing on your goals, reducing distractions and interruptions.
  • Reviewing success and failure using the ‘main processes of management tool’
  • Leading change, understanding motivation and benefits
  • Asking one  question that will transform your relationship with the staff you manage

Derek Smith


Derek has 20 years senior experience as a fundraiser, service manager, consultant and commisioner

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