Myers-Briggs Team Building for 6

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Using the world's most popular personality assessment tool, this project will enable your team to better understand themselves and each other, including both individual and team activities to understand and apply their preference results.

This team building activity will begin with each of your six team members being offered the opportunity to complete a MBTI assessment: the world's most popular personality assessment. The MBTI assessment Step I provides initial feedback on a four letter 'type', reflecting each individual's preferred way to take in information and make decisions, which is then reviewed through an individual face-to-face session with our Consultant to understand and refine the initial results. Team members will then be given the opportunity to participate in a team building workshop, raising awareness of their own and others' preferences and identifying how the team can better operate to achieve success going forward.

Felicia Willow

Cirencester, Gloucestershire

An experienced and effective charity CEO, strategic planner and governance expert, Felicia enables transformational success. 

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Felicia Willow