Organisational Growth and Development Plan

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Eleanor will carry out a review of the charity’s development strategy to ensure growth while maintaining its values and purpose. This will look at the whole organisation - what works and what doesn’t - to produce a report to indicate a new strategic direction and how to achieve it step by step.

This project is for a charity who are a bit stuck! Organisations of all shapes and sizes with different income levels can face the same challenge - how to develop within shifting funding and service needs. The project will ensure the charity can grow their offering ensuring it is current and performing to its highest potential.

Growth can be in the shape of development to existing or creating new services and receiving funding for them. It can be to offer a product to sell as part of a social enterprise arm of the charity or to solidify its current offering looking at funding streams and how to ensure continuation of funding.

To review or create a charities development strategy the project will cover the following within a four day period    

  • Meeting The senior management team including CEO to give an overview of the organisation, its history, purpose, development wishes and difficulties.    
  • Research The charities position within the sector, visibility, internal structure and what options there are for development that are realistic and increase growth.    
  • Report Writing a report will be produced to show how to develop the charity over a three-year period. This will include a step by step process to achieve realistic development of the charity and its desired outcomes

Eleanor Mitchell


Eleanor Mitchell has extensive experience of strategy development and senior management within the charity sector.

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Eleanor Mitchell