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 What does it cost you to find new contracts, compared with the cost of contract renewal?

If your competitors can provide the same outputs: why should your funder stay with you?

How much time did you spend on customer relations last year?


"Customer relations - if you are not at the table you maybe on the menu!"

Generally delivery managers have a limited understanding of developing and implementing organisational marketing strategies. In order to protect funding and grow, it has never been more important to understand the market you are in and how to stand out from your competitors.

As knowledge of service marketing is limited, few organisations have strategies or tactics that will enable them to face ever increasing competition. The result has been that many organisations have no consistent product that staff are working to, nor clarity on how to develop or sell these products. 

Staff at all levels need to be aware that the funder’s and beneficiaries needs require careful.

Your funder may not remember much about your meeting but - they will always remember the way you made them feel.

Marketing, product development, customer relations and communication tend to cost little but can bring substantial gains. It is an approach and focus that will actually save you money. The cost of retaining a customer is always much greater than the cost of winning new business.

The course is built around the understanding that effective service management requires an understanding of marketing, service development, communication and public relations. It puts delivery staff at the centre of the responsibility to retain and win new work.

Though the course is only one day, it will give you new insights and tools to retain and win more funding.

Workshop Content

 This one day workshop includes:

  • Understanding service marketing and the meeting the needs of customers.  Implementing a product development model.
  • What is contract management and the role of the contract manager and delivery teams? Who within the organisation is responsible and where are they placed?
  • Implementing a contract; laying the foundations for future success. Agreeing realistic objectives & expectations.   Considering critical success factors and also what may go wrong.
  • Explore the importance of relationship building through the development of understanding interests mutual trust, communication and shared aspirations.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of staff at all levels and how these are cascaded through simple planning systems. 
  • Focussing on improved delivery and quality assurance and contract administration through systems audits, marketing and service promotion.
  • How you can influence and manage your funder, using public relations techniques to actively build your service and organisation’s reputation


Derek Smith


Derek Smith 20 years senior experience as a fundraiser, service manager, consultant and commissioner.

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