The Joy of Team Work

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Need to get your team unstuck? I can support you with a one day workshop, 3 webinars and action learning sets to help your team to re-boot, re-connect, develop a growth mindset and re-energise. They'll own actions, make progress and become motivated and empowered.

The joy of work is based on a set of core principles.  

  • Belief and purpose – Those in the group need to believe that they can find meaning at work.
  • Peer support and accountability – Is critical for helping teams make progress. The peer support will come through the weekly action learning sets.
  • Professional support – by having external support you will have an external perspective this helps when facilitating challenging conversations.
  • For behaviour to change you need to keep practicing  that is why it isn’t just one away day but spread over time.    

Days Workshop

This session will:

  • Reflect on team purpose by exploring values and beliefs. 
  • Introduce ways of working through the programme, action learning sets, webinars etc.
  • Introduce the four themes with a deeper introduction to Re-Boot   

Key themes introduced through the webinars.    

  • Re-boot – how you can take control and get the energy you need to work well. An opportunity to explore how the team works best and what can be done to build a better shared understanding of how each team member works to enable them to be most productive.    ​​​​​​​
  • Re-Connect how to build trust and connection in your team. 
    • Clarity and connection helping the team to work towards one goal – so the team can see the big picture and see the part they play.
    • How you meet and spend time together as a time both physically and virtually?
    • How you share information – how can you develop ways to share news, insights etc.    
    • Grow – how can you and develop a growth mindset, so that you have a team that is curious, continuously learning and learns from failure. 
    • Develop curiosity by giving tools and freedom to act curiously and share ideas.
    • Developing a feedback culture by providing feedback tools and practicing feedback in action learning sets.
    • Celebrating failure – helping the team to acknowledge, celebrate and learn from failure.    ​​​​​​​
  • Re-Energise – how to bring energy back to the team so that they trust each other, feel that they have control and are making progress. 
    • Psychological safety – building trust in the team
    • Autonomy and accountability – tools, tips and actions to build it.
    • Making progress - where are we stuck and how can we move forward?

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I help teams explore challenges and prepare solutions. Supporting them to manage change and maximise fundraising potential.

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