Website Review and Healthcheck

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Analysis of current website and recommendations for improvement. Usability, engagement, functionality, SEO & security. Does the design and styling communicate your message effectively?

We run through a checklist to test current best practice and report on issues with a website that can have detrimental effects to audience engagement. We analyse existing metrics and suggest improvements or flag areas for concern relating to Security, Compatibility across browsers and devices, SEO and its effectiveness, User Journeys and functionality.

How does the design, style and structure of the site influence the audience and is the message clear and calls to action considered and engaging? The report will present practical advice for development or act as a brief for a refresh or redesign.

Simon Knibbs

Reigate, Surrey

Simon has created brands & websites for Charities & Organisations for over 20 years, Action Planning’s being a prime example.

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Simon Knibbs