Working with Commissioners

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A one day training course to help you understand how best to develop effective relationships with Commissioners of services.

What does it cost you to find new contracts, compared with the cost of contract renewal?

How much time did you spend on customer relations last year?

Contract management is often limited to meeting outputs. Winning a contract is the beginning of a funding relationship, the success of which can generate new work and funding opportunities.  The course will help you to build effective relationships and partnerships with your funders. It helps staff understand that they must add value and drive improvements/efficiencies if they are to stop the funder moving to a competitor. It changes staff perceptions of their role and put delivery staff at the centre of the responsibility to retain and win new work.

Content includes:

  • Reviewing your existing customer relationships
  • Understanding contract management and the role of the contract manager and delivery teams.
  • Reviewing service delivery to increase the likelihood of funding
  • Focusing on adding value
  • Enabling staff to market and promote your services
  • Improving communication with existing and potential funders
  • How to influence and manage your funder, using public relations techniques to actively build your service and organisation’s reputation





Derek Smith


Derek Smith 20 years senior experience as a fundraiser, service manager, consultant and commissioner.

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Derek Smith